Working with your doctors

To facilitate outstanding patient care and ensure the best possible treatment, Dr Vijay Kini works closely with referring physicians throughout a patient’s radiation therapy process.

Regular Contact with referring physicians 

After any consultation, Dr Kini always makes a direct phone call to a patient’s referring physician to coordinate and discuss possible treatment options, strategies and anything else that can improve the quality and results of radiation therapy for a patient. Once a patient begins treatment, Dr Kini continues to communicate directly with referring physicians to ensure the most comprehensive approach to cancer treatment.


Tumor Boards

A tumor board is a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients that brings together several doctors who are experts in different specialties to review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options of a patient. Dr Kini regularly participates in tumor boards to give our patients a suitable treatment plan that benefits from the shared experience and knowledge of multiple cancer experts.

Immediate Access to Electronic Medical Records

Because Dr Kini is affiliated with multiple hospitals and medical groups throughout the Orange County area, we often have immediate access to electronic medical records and imaging for our patients. Not only does this save time but it also significantly adds to our ability to give patients the best possible care.