Radiation therapy has been proven to be a safe and effective way to treat cancer for more than 100 years. While there are continual improvements to treatment delivery systems and the therapies themselves, the idea of radiation can concern most, if not all, patients. For this reason every member of Dr Kini’s team is committed to the absolute safety of each patient that undergoes cancer radiation treatment at our facilities.


Our Commitment to Safety

Our commitment to safety means that we triple check the physics involved in any prescribed treatment, evaluate our machines daily, and immerse ourselves in safety and quality measures for both existing and new treatment technologies.

We hold ourselves to a level of safety that adheres to or goes beyond industry standards to give our patients the best possible treatment and peace of mind.


Medical Physics

Dr Vijay Kini is proud to have some of the nation’s leading medical physicists working at our centers in Orange County. Our medical physicists ensure that all of our advanced technologies work properly, reliably and safely. In addition to maintaining the safety of our equipment, our expert medical physicists also work closely with our team of radiation therapy experts to make sure that every treatment is custom tailored and safe to the needs of every patient.


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